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Eco Print Lab | Your Eco Print Source
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About Us

State of the Art Eco Friendly Screen Printing


Eco Print Lab is a full-service screen printing company. We print custom apparel for companies and individuals ranging from garage-based start-ups to those with corporate towers dominating the downtown skyline. What originally started as a screen printing brokerage has morphed into a high-end custom garment decoration facility. If you want something truly unique, we’re the ones to give you what no one else can. Waterbased printing, glitter, foil, special effects, wild print locations, we do all the hard stuff, and we do it every day!


We pride ourselves on making apparel people want to wear, not just toss in the back of the closet. It all starts with great artwork, and Eco Print Lab is home to some of the best artists in the free world. We’ll create an amazing piece of art, choose garments and colors that complement it, and print it with style and feel in mind. We endeavor to print with the softest hand we can get, refusing to sell you a nice shirt with a cardboard ink blob on it. If something won’t work, we’ll let you know before printing and offer great alternatives. If something makes it to press and doesn’t look right, we’ll tweak it to make it right. We do not print indiscriminately.


Impacting the environment in only positive ways is a huge initiative at Eco Print Lab. We put a focus on learning about new products and practices to lessen our footprint on the universe. Our goal is to make improvements every day, week, month and year until we are a completely sustainable contributor.

Replacing dangerous thinners and solvents with a product that is citrus-based and completely safe for body contact and disposal.
Use 100% water based inks.
Seeking and building relationships with companies that develop and distribute sustainable, organic, and/or recycled apparel.
Researching 100% organic plant based, ink preservation, and ink recycling.
100% Phthalate Free
Participating in an energy audit by our utility companies.
Tracking energy consumption and costs.
Our office copy paper is 100% post-consumer recycled fiber paper and is chlorine free.
Using Google documents whenever possible to share forms, spreadsheets and other documents to avoid printing paper.
Save and re-use cardboard boxes instead of purchasing new.
Planting and placing plants in and around the shop.
Sell or donate misprinted, defective or problem garments to organizations that can put them to good use.


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Our Services

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What our Customers Say

  • Great quality and service and fast turnaround time.

    - Lindsay Kronmiller

  • Eco Print Lab has the ability to work very quickly and create great work with very tight deadlines.

    - Virginia Pierera

  • Eco Print Lab is one of a kind in Columbus, providing cost effective and creative service.

    - Betsy Pandora

  • Our favorite U.S supplier.

    - Brendalee


Questions on Your Mind

Can I get a free quote?

Definitely. If you haven’t worked with us in the past, please email with as much detail about the order as you can. If you have ordered with us before, simply email the customer service insider you worked with on your last order.

Do you provide free samples?

On screen printing orders of 1000 pieces or more, we will provide a free pre-production sample. For all other orders we provide digital mock ups or sew outs for approval. Otherwise samples are $150 plus screen charges and art time. We will print up to 12 garments per design. We’re very good at what we do, and we wouldn’t print anything we think might get returned. Statistically, our customers ask for samples only on orders over 100 dozen.

Is there a minimum number or garments that I need to place an order?

Nope. Pricing varies depending on the total amount ordered and certain decoration processes are geared for ordering small amounts. Get in touch and we’ll help you figure out the best approach for your custom apparel order. Here’s a guideline:

Embroidery: No Minimum

Digital Printing: No Minimum

Screen Printing: 24 Pieces

One Color All Over Printing: 72 Pieces

Multi-Color All Over Printing: 300 Pieces

Can I order just a few shirts?

Yes! Let us know how many you want and send over your art or a description of what you would like. We can help figure out the most inexpensive process for decorating just a few items.

What information do you need for me to place an order?

The more details, the better! Below is the list of everything we need, and we can help get some of the specifics for you:

  • PO # (if you have one)
  • Garment Style #
  • Garment Color
  • Breakdown of Total Quantity in Sizes
  • Art, Art File, and Name for the Design
  • Date You Need the Order
  • Ship to Address
  • Ship Method or Pick Up

How quickly will my order be done?

Standard turn around time is 5-7 business days from when you have approved your art mock up and we have your garments in house. We can turn things sooner if needed, sometimes this incurs and additional cost.

Can I get my order in a day?

We will always try to get your order completed for any time you need it – even in a day. Please get in touch asap with the details of what you would like and the date/time you need it by.

When does production start on my order?

Production begins once any art proofs have been approved and we have your garments in house. Changes made once production begins may result in additional charges. For example, if you have approved a screen print proof and you decide to change the size, we would need to re-make new screens with the new size of art.

Do you deliver?

We do not deliver, per se, but we do ship via UPS, FedEx, USPS, and can make arrangements with a delivery service. If it’s convenient, you are welcome to come by and pick up your finished decoration order.

What brand of shirts do you use?

Any brand and style you want. We do not stock garments, so we will order anything you need.

What materials can you print on?

We can print on just about any fabric. Here are some points to consider when thinking about what garment you would like to decorate:

  • Certain fabrics (of a plastic or vinyl nature) melt during our screen print curing process. Setting the ink involves running the garment through a dryer at 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Air dry ink is a possibility, but we will need to look at the garment and design before we can determine printability.
  • Performance apparel, moisture wicking, and poly-cotton blends have a tendency to dye migrate. Dye migration is when the fabric dye contaminates the printed color, altering the expected result.
  • Garments must be 100% cotton with no treatments (such as stain guard on aprons) for to be used for digital printing.
  • Prints on ribbed tanks and tees (including baby rib, 1×1, and especially 2×2 rib) are likely to “crack” once the garment is worn.

What is your standard imprint sizing and placement?

Is there a difference between printing on a white garment or a colored garment?

Screen printing requires a white layer of ink to be printed as a foundation before printing the actual colors in the logo for dark colored shirts. This adds a little cost. We can print digitally on both light and dark shirts.

Can I change my mind once the garments have been ordered?

Yes, however there will be a re-stocking fee. The re-stocking fee is 20% of the garment cost and the cost of 2 way shipping.

Can you create the design for me?

Yep! Design jobs are quoted on a case by case basis at $75 per hour. Typesetting can be done for as little as $35.

What formats do you accept for art?

We accept all formats, however, low resolution, word files, and other art that needs to be redrawn will incur a $35 redraw charge to be assessed on a case by case basis. Adobe Illustrator files with all fonts converted to outlines are preferred. If submitting an Adobe Photoshop file, please be sure the art was created at a minimum of 300 dpi. Photoshop files may incur cost to separate.

How do I let you know the exact color I want to print?

Our ink system matches Pantone Solid color books. We don’t mix using CMYK formulas or Hexachrome colors. We can always select the closest ink match to the art you have submitted or you are welcome to come by and pick colors from our Pantone books.

Can you print over the shoulder on a t-shirt?

Although we do all over printing, the process does not allow us to print over a shoulder. We can print the front and back, although there is “misprinting” that occurs around seam areas. The front and back prints will not line up exactly.

Can I get a custom neck label printed on my garment?

You sure can, we do it all the time. We will design a label for you with your logo and fill out all the pertinent information, like country of origin, fabric content, and care instructions. Labels are printed in white, mid-gray, or black depending on the garment color. If you choose a garment that does not have tear-away tags, there is a small up-charge and additional time added to production.

What is an underbase?

An underbase is a layer of white or clear ink that is laid down before the rest of the colors are printed on the garment. Adding this extra layer of ink allows the top colors to print bright on dark garments. Underbases are charged as one extra color when pricing.

How much does a shirt cost?

We’re 100% custom, full-service decorators, so there are quite a few moving parts to this equation. It all starts with the cost of the goods and any art fees, followed by screens, print pricing (based on number of colors and locations), any finishing costs that go with it, and shipping costs. When asking for a quote, please supply a preview of the art and a description of what garments you want to print on, we can have you a quote in minutes!

My order is short, don’t you guys know how to count?

If your order is short, it is because there were misprints. The industry standard is 2% to 4% of your order. If you need an exact number, please let us know so we can supply extras. You will not be charged for 2% underage, but you will be charged on overages up to 2%.

I got my order and something is terribly wrong! What do i do?

If you have an issue, please call us immediately! We will do our best to fix any issues as quickly as possible.

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